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Learn More About Electric Vehicles

What are the Perks of EV Ownership?

Discover the numerous benefits of electric vehicle (EV) ownership! Homestead, FL drivers, explore why transitioning to an electric car is a smart choice:

Lower Maintenance Costs: One of the standout benefits of electric vehicles is the significantly reduced maintenance. Fewer moving parts mean lower costs over the lifetime of your vehicle. Say goodbye to frequent trips to the service center!

Advanced Technology: EVs are packed with cutting-edge technology. Enjoy features like detailed energy usage displays, ambient lighting, and a suite of modern tech that enhances your driving experience.

Environmental Impact: Owning an EV means zero tailpipe emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment. Depending on your utility company's energy profile, you could further minimize your environmental footprint by opting for renewable energy sources.

Thinking of buying an EV? Even used electric cars offer reliability and value, though they might not qualify for tax credits. Enjoy a dependable, eco-friendly ride you’ll love.

Preparing Yourself for EV Ownership

Ready to embrace the electric revolution? Here’s what you need to consider before purchasing your EV:

Is Your Garage Ready? If your garage already has a 220V outlet, you’re set for convenient overnight charging. Simply plug in your EV, and wake up to a fully charged battery.

Locate Local Charging Stations: Familiarize yourself with nearby charging stations. Most public stations are level 2, similar to your home 220V outlet. For faster charging, seek out level 3 stations, which can provide a significant charge in the time it takes to enjoy a local attraction, like a movie at Flagship Cinemas Homestead or shopping at Florida Keys Outlet Marketplace.

Your EV is Waiting at South Dade Kia of Homestead

Why buy an electric vehicle? At South Dade Kia of Homestead, we have even more reasons for Doral, Sunrise, and Miami Lakes, FL drivers to make the switch. Our impressive selection of electric vehicles and new cars offers something for everyone. Visit us today and take the first step towards a greener, more technologically advanced driving experience!